Nisio Funeral Home


New ways




The pearl

The new product line “Pearl with Soul” from MEVISTO allows you to personalise your piece of ceramic jewelry. This requires only a small strand of hair or less than 1 gram of ash to make a pearl the most personal in the world.

The gemstone

An alternative burial with permanent memories. The wish of a survivor, the dream of the deceased.
We offer a unique and valuable burial option. Cremation is not mandatory for a generation stone. From approx. 100 grams of the deceased person’s ashes or approx. 10 grams of hair can be turned into a sapphire or ruby.


The diamond

A memory diamond is…
…a beautiful and timeless connection to a loved one
…your own personal place of remembrance, mourning and joy
…an everlasting heirloom for generations
…absolutely unique and individual.

Burial at sea

Discover a dignified way to say goodbye with burials at sea by our partner, the only officially licensed service provider in Mallorca. NEMOCEAN customizes each ceremony, with special attention to floral decorations, a choice of boats for up to 150 guests and a service package that includes catering and live music. All urns are 100% biodegradable, in line with our commitment to environmental protection.