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Type of burials

We support the family and help choising the suitable burial type. There are different types of burials, such as the inhumation, the cremation or the natural burial. The type of burial depends on the wishes of the deceased or his/her family.

Organisation of the funeral service

The funeral is a way to pay your last respects to the deceased. Thanks to our experience and our network, we support the relatives in the organisation of the funeral service, whether in a church or in a secular setting. For an individual funeral, we will be happy to arrange a suitable speaker for you.

Obituary and printed products

We support you in editing obituaries, thank you notes or memorial cards. They can be customised and adapted to the wishes of the family. We guarantee great flexibility thanks to our own production and, if necessary, coordinate the publication in the newspapers.


Exhumations are excavations of buried deceased. These may be conducted for a variety of reasons, such as suspected crimes, to transfer the remains to another grave or to sanitise a cemetery. Exhumations are a sensitive issue and require careful planning and approval.

Transfers and repatriations

We are specialised in transfers from Switzerland to foreign countries and in repatriations from foreign countries to Switzerland according to the international guidelines. The transport is carried out by hearse or by aircraft, according to the family’s wishes. We organise all the documents required for the transfer and take care of all the formalities for you.
We will be glad to advise you individually and without any obligation.

Provisional disposition

Provisional dispositions refers to the planning and organisation of the own funeral during lifetime. Making provisions relieves the burden on the bereaved family and ensures that the own wishes and are respected for the organisation of the funeral. We will be glad to discuss individual wishes with you and advise you on the more suitable choice. Better to take precautions than to worry.

Digital legacy

Digital legagy refers to the inheritance of digital data and information, such as emails, photos, social media accounts or online banking. In the event of death, this data must be managed and, if necessary, deleted or transferred. Making arrangements for the digital legacy can ease the burden on the bereaved family. There are specialised companies that can help manage the digital legacy. We can recommend the company Computerheld.